Agnieszka Liggett film and tv editor

WOLFBLOOD - The wild at heart
Series 4 ep 10

Wolfblood is a British-German fantasy teen drama television series that revolves around the life of the species known as wolfbloods

Series 4 Episode 10 - The two groups of Wolfbloods meet in the woods, Alric's tribal healer Madoc tending to Katrina's swollen ankle with his herbal cures, which he claims he is also using for Alric's recovery. However it turns out that he is slowly poisoning Alric as he wants to be the next leader and he is chased away by the pack. With her father well again thanks to Segolia's Dr Whitewood Jana decides to return to Newcastle but not everybody opts to go with her

prod. BBC, ZDF

dir. John Dower